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Research and society in dialog

Part of the mission of the Berliner Antike-Kolleg (BAK) is to bring Berlin’s ancient studies research community into a wide-ranging conversation with the public. To this end, we develop projects and test out new communication methods with the aim of bringing researchers and various social groups into dialog. This dialog also creates a way for current debates to inform research, by suggesting new aspects, dimensions and dynamics to incorporate into research questions or providing a critical lens through which to examine them.

Saving Antiquities – A playful introduction to the system for the protection of cultural assets

Our aim with “Saving Antiquities”, a joint project of the BAK, the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft and the Ägyptisches Museum und Papyrussammlung der Staatlichen Museen, is to create ab interactive experience enabling people to gain an understanding of how the regime for the protection of cultural assets works and what lies behind it. The main focus of the project is the development of a cooperative game.

Berliner Antike in ... - Personen und Objekte

Once each year, we host a festive event at which we inform the public about our activities.

Lecture series

Our lecture series, jointly launched with the Excellence Cluster Topoi in the 2016/17 winter semester, is aimed at drawing attention to the relevance that questions in ancient studies have for engagement with societal phenomena of the present day.

Discussion forums

Our discussion forums aim at encouraging exchange between ancient studies and other disciplines and/or various groups of the public. The forums form the basis for further activities in the domains of research, teaching and research communications.

Berliner Antike*-Blog

Our blog presents the world of ancient studies in Berlin/Brandenburg in varied and entertaining formats.

Antiquity Slam

This innovative science-slam format, which we have supported since 2016, has established itself as a highly successful event series. Speakers at the Antiquity Slam present their research results in an entertaining 10-minute talk.


We contribute courses on ancient studies topics to the KinderUni program of the Freie Universität Berlin (FUB). One week each year, this annual series of events offers diverse range of hands-on courses for school classes.