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Digital Archaeology Network

Today’s archaeologists are all too familiar with the challenges and problems of up-to-date digital research methods. The floppy disk just won’t fit into the USB port. Windows 2000 can’t calculate even the most basic SfM-models. The mess you sketched in Paint doesn’t look anything like a map of prehistoric Kreuzberg. The hamster that powers your laptop escaped its treadwheel and is in the kitchen eating your porridge again. Don’t despair though: you are not alone, others have faced these problems. Someone out there has the solution! And they are probably in the Digital Archaeology Network.

The Digital Archaeology Network has recently been formed within the Berlin Graduate School of Ancient Studies to facilitate exchange and learning about digitally based methods in archae­ology and related fields. The network gives participants the chance to discuss their approaches and the challenges involved in them among a group of in­formed and interested researchers. This allows problems to be recognized and solutions to be found and discussed collectively. The network is an interdisciplinary community with members from a wide range of fields and a variety of institutions. It is open to every­one interested in digital archaeology.

Digital archaeology is a broad and varied topic, and any and every aspect of it can be discussed within the network. The variety of approaches in current research – from GIS based analyses and 3D models to database research and statistical calculations – creates opportunities to discuss a wide range of ways in which these digital methods are changing and shaping the archaeological sciences. The network arranges for experienced experts in the field to give lectures and lead training events in addition to organizing working sessions within the community. Have a look at the user Wiki for further information, and send us an e-mail to learn more. We are looking forward to hearing from you!


Ruben Wehrheim
Jonas Zweifel

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Time & Location:

Lectures: every last Wednesday of the month, starting at 17:15, in hybrid format.

Working Sessions: every last Friday of the month, from 16:00 to 18:00.

Freie Universität Berlin
Hittorfstraße 18
14195 Berlin

Any changes to the regular schedule will be communicated via the mailing list!