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Pottery Network: "From Clay to Sherd: An Introduction to Archaeological and Archaeometric Analysis of Pottery"

28.09.2023 - 29.09.2023

Workshop in collaboration with Gerwulf Schneider, Małgorzata Daszkiewicz and Antonia Höhne

The aim of the workshop is to give the participating students a general understanding for how to use and interpret the results of archaeometric analyses in ceramic research through demonstrations and handson experience.

At the end of the workshop the students will:

  • gain basic knowledge for macroscopic analysis of pottery production and fabric
  • have an overview of archaeometric methodologies and what kind of data they produce
  • be able to identify which techniques are useful for which kind of research questions
  • be able to develop sampling strategies and how to choose the right method

Some of the topics we will cover throughout the workshop will include:

  • Raw material and macroscopic descriptions of fabric
  • Composition of temper, thin sections and provenience studies
  • Recognising different shaping practices and how to identify pre- and post-firing techniques/surface treatments
  • Classification and provenance through chemical analysis and how to interpret tables with chemical data
  • How to plan a project and to go from analysis to interpretation

Info & Contact

For registration, please send an email to Daniele Zampierin at daniele.zampierin@berliner-antike-kolleg.org.

Please pay attention that the number of participants is limited.

Zeit & Ort

28.09.2023 - 29.09.2023

Freie Universität Berlin
Fabeckstrasse 23-25
14195 Berlin
Room -1.1062