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Man, machine, animal and monster: The post-human in ancient Greek literature?

Oct 27, 2015 - Oct 28, 2016

This conference is about the post-human in Greek literature and focuses on the relation between man, animal, monster and machine. Post-humanism currently is one of the most popular philosophical trends. However, its applicability (i.e. its advantages and its limits) to ancient Greek literature has not yet been sufficiently examined.

One panel is dedicated entirely to Greek tragedy: The tragic plays very prominently discuss the place of man in nature and society, and their concept of humanity has much to offer to challenge posthuman positions. In addition to the panel on tragedy, further panels are on Greek lyric and epic as well as on Greek historiography which also play a significant role within the Greek discourse on humanity, machines, monstrosity and savagery.

Speakers include Virginia Burrus (Syracuse University), Marianne Hopman (Northwestern University), Jenny Strauss Clay (University of Virginia), Dunstan Lowe (Kent University), Nancy Worman (Barnard College), Robin Mitchell-Boyask (Temple University).

The full program can be downloaded from here: https://www.klassphil.hu-berlin.de/de/aktuelles/man-machine-animal-monster-programme

To register, please contact the organizers Giulia Maria Chesi (gmc41@cam.ac.uk) and Francesca Spiegel (francesca.spiegel@hu-berlin.de). There is no registration fee.