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Digitalisation of the ancient world

Forum Digital Antiquities (FDA) sees itself as a platform for conceptual data-science developments in ancient studies.

3D scan of an ancient architectural fragment from magnesia (Turkey)

3D scan of an ancient architectural fragment from magnesia (Turkey)

The FDA hosts active exchange on developments in the areas of research-data management and digital publishing among researchers and practitioners from these fields. It uses a variety of formats, ranging from targeted discussions in smaller groups to broadly based activities to foster exchange.

The FDA’s engagement in National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI) projects is an important part of its work. As a participating institution in the NFDI4Objects initiative, the FDA’s task is to identify subject-area-specific needs, in the area of the digital publication of data or the long-term archiving of research data, for instance, and to contribute to developing viable ways to address them.

Edition Topoi, which was founded within the framework of the Excellence Cluster Topoi, is a key tool for the sharing and management of digital research data. With the Edition Topoi infrastructure, researchers can publish their research data in citable forms, the long-term preservation of which is assured, as well as publish their scholarly works in digital, open-access formats. The FDA manages this publication platform and will continue to develop it further.