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Yan Lu M.A.

Yan Lu

Ancient Philosophy and History of Ancient Science (APhil/HistAS)


Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Research Training Group
Philosophy, Science and the Sciences
Hannoversche Str. 6
10115 Berlin

M.A. in Philosophy at Peking University. Thesis: Rousseau and Kant on Natural Man and Moral Person

B.A. in Classics at Renmin University of China. Thesis: Marsilius of Padua on Activa Potentia

Plato on Powers and Their Objects

My PhD dissertation focuses on the discussion of powers (dunameis) and their objects in Plato’s metaphysics and epistemology. The texts will mainly consist of Republic, Sophist, and Theaetetus.  In the Republic, Plato proposes the principle of "the individuation of powers" as the basis of his epistemological and ontological distinctions. The elaboration of this principle leads to the clarification of the participation and Platonic causation in Sophist and the distinction between Knowledge and belief in Theaetetus. I'm going to investigate relevant passages in detail and compare it with Aristotle’s and Neoplatonic interpretations. From an examination of this subject in Plato and his successors, this research is also supposed to contribute to the discussion of contemporary counterparts on related topics.