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Lara Laviola M.A.


Ancient Languages and Texts (ALT)


Freie Universität Berlin
Koserstraße 20
14195 Berlin

Ph.D. candidate in Ancient History Freie Universität - Friedrich-Meinecke-Institut Scholarship funded by the Einstein Foundation Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Christian Wendt

09/2015 – 01/2016     
Visiting Student at the University of Cambridge Scholarship funded by UCSC International Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Robin Osborne

10/2013 – 04/2016     
Master Degree programme of Ancient Philology, Literature and History (Laurea Specialistica in Filologia, Letteratura e Storia dell'Antichità) Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore – Milano Thesis in Greek history and Epigraphy Commentary on Lysias VI Supervisor: Prof.ssa Cinzia Bearzot

10/2010 – 10/2013     
Bachelor Degree programme of Ancient Sciences (Laurea Triennale in Cultura letteraria dell'antichità) Università degli Studi Aldo Moro – Bari Thesis in History of philology and classical tradition: Andocides' biographical tradition in Ps.-Plutarch and Photius Supervisor: Prof. Massimo Pinto

The Legal Procedure of eisangelia in Classical Athens

My PhD thesis will deal with the development of the legal procedure of eisangelia in Classical Athens, which played a major role in defending the democracy, disciplining officials and punishing treason. I will explore not only the role of eisangelia within the institutional framework of Athenian democracy, but also its impact on political behaviour. The first part of my study will examine the main sources for the procedures of eisangelia and the reconstruction of the development during V and IV century B.C. of the legal institution. The second part of my study will be a new catalogue of all cases of eisangelia. The third part will place the institution in the wider context of Athenian views about democracy and the rule of law.