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Soheil Delshad M.A.


Languages and Cultures of the Silk Road (Silk Road)


10/2014  06/2020
Studium der Iranistik an der Freien Universität Berlin, Institut für Iranistik, (PhD Dissertation: "Orality and Literacy in Ancient Iran")

2009 – 2012    
Studium der Altiranischen Sprachen und Kulturen an der Teheraner Universität, Teheran, Abschluss: Master of Arts. (Dissertation's Thema: "Oral tradition in Ancient Iran and the Problem of Writing")

2004 – 2009    
Studium der englischen Übersetzung an der Hamedan Universität, Hamedan, Abschluss: Bachelor of Arts

Studies in Achaemenid Royal Inscriptions: Classifications, Royal Scribes, Literacy, and Audiences

Like all major imperial systems, writing played a key role in Achaemenid empire (525–333 BCE). Along with their rise to power in west Asia, the need for literacy and creation of a writing system appears to have been crucial for the Achaemenids. To satisfy this crucial need, the Achaemenid administration used multilingual scribes for administrative purposes and invented a writing system to write Old Persian, one of the languages of the empire and the native tongue of the Achaemenid great kings.
We know that the majority of written sources in this period were of economic and administrative nature. However, there are also important literary texts from this period. These texts can be used to discuss the influence of ancient Near Eastern literature and literary sources, as well as the Iranian oral tradition, in composition of the Achaemenid literature.
In fact, the earliest signs of the existence of Iranian scribal schools can be found in Achaemenid period. Through the analysis of scribal techniques in the royal Achaemenid texts, we can study the literary style and methods of this period more thoroughly. Additionally, by studying the influences of the Iranian oral tradition on Old Persian literary texts, we can better understand the process of the creation of these texts.
Through the study of these three factors – scribal techniques, Near Eastern literary traditions, and Old Iranian oral traditions – my work aims to understand the emergence of the Achaemenid literary tradition.