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Dr. Barbora Weissova


Landscape Archaeology and Architecture (LAA)

Klassische Archäologie

Institut für Archäologische Wissenschaften
Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Am Bergbaumuseum 31
44791 Bochum


2013  2017    
PhD. studies of Classical Archaeology at Freie Universität in Berlin,
Stipendium BerGSAS LAA

Research fellowship at the University College of London

Started PhD. Studies of Classical Archaeology at the Charles University in Prague, thesis: "Analysis of Spatial Relations of Thracian Burial Mounds to Flat Settlements"

2007 – 2009     
Master studies of Classical Archaeology at the Charles University in Prague, thesis: "Antique Versus Classical" in the 20's of the 20th Century in Czechoslovakia"

Professional Development

Since 2006     
Stable member of the archaeological team of Charles University, excavating yearly in Pistiros

Accepted as an official member of TRAP (Tundzha Regional Archaeological Project), www.tundzha.org     

Establishment of the BUM Project (Burial Mounds in Thrace Project) focused on spatial analysis of burial mounds in Thrace

Regional Economy, Settlement Patterns and the Road System in Bithynia (4th century BC - 6th century AD). Spatial and Quantitative Analysis

In my thesis I examined the economic development in NW Asia Minor, i.e. Bithynia, during the Hellenistic, Roman and Early Byzantine periods. Based on the available historical and archaeological data, the thesis demonstrates the development in the territory using as the main tool quantified spatial and temporal analyses. The analyses take an advantage of a multi-scalar approach, studying the data in the entire NW Asia Minor described as a macro-region and in one micro-region within, limited to the hinterland of Nicaea.

The thesis demonstrates the applicability of several analytical tools, lately frequently applied to assess the archaeological record. The tools include the Voronoi diagram / Thiessen polygons for the division of the territory, Ring buffers for the determination of an urbanized area, the Least cost path analysis for the prediction of the most feasible roads, the Line of sight and the Viewshed analysis for the visibility between monuments.

This dissertation project was successfully completed within the research group A-6 Economic spaceof the Excellence Cluster 264 Topoi.

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