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Robert Roreitner M.A.


Ancient Philosophy (APhil)



2012 – 2014     
Mater of Arts, Ancient Greek Language and Culture, Charles University in Prague; Thesis: Trojan Fates (On the Idea of Fate in the Iliad)

2008 – 2012     
Philosophy, Charles University in Prague; Thesis: Simple change in Aristotle's natural philosophy

2005 – 2008     
Bachelor of Arts Philosophy, Charles University in Prague

Stays Abroad

2017 - present  
Assistant Professor at the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague

2011 – 2012     
Columbia University in New York, Department of Philosophy, Visiting Student Researcher (Fulbright)

2009 – 2010     
Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, Department of Philosophy, Erasmus

The Unmoved Causes of Receptivity: Sense-Perception and Thinking as Passive Activities in Aristotle's "De Anima"

The dissertation argues that in De anima Aristotle develops a novel notion of passive activities to characterize the nature of sense-perception (αἰσθάνεσθαι) and thinking (νοεῖν). It inquires into how, according to Aristotle, sense-perception and thinking are explained by their two unmoved causes: the object of sense-perception / thinking on the one side and the perceptive / thinking soul on the other side. It provides the first systematic exploration of the causal analogies and dis-analogies Aristotle draws in De Anima.

R. Roreitner, "Perception and hylomorphism: Receptive activity of senses in Aristotle´s", in: De Anima II, 5, Eirene 50 (2014) 176–207.

V. Kolman/R. Roreitner (Hrsg.), O špatném nekonečnu (Filosofia; Prag 2013) [Tschech: On Bad Infinity].