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Potter Network: "Typology & Technology of Early Dynastic Stemmed Dishes"

17.08.2023 | 17:30 s.t.

Vortrag von Amaury Havé (Paris)

The second half of the Early Dynastic period (2600-2250 BC) is marked by the presence in the ceramic assemblage of a very specific shape, the stemmed dishes. These objects are among the rare ceramics still frequently decorated in this period, and pose a number of problems in terms of functional and typo-chronological interpretation. After presenting the interpretative framework for wheel-coiling as developed by V. Roux and C. Jeffra, this presentation will show how even a partial reconstruction of the forming chaîne opératoire provides a better understanding of the typological evolution of this shape.

Suggested reading

Moon, J. 1982. "The Distribution of Upright-Handled Jars and Stemmed Dishes in the Early Dynastic Period." Iraq 44 (1):39-69 Roux, V., and C.D. Jeffra. 2015. "The Spreading of the Potter’s Wheel in the Ancient Mediterranean. A Social Context-Dependent Phenomenon." In The Transmission of Technical Knowledge in the Production of Ancient Mediterranean Pottery: Proceedings of the International Conference at the Austrian Archaeological Institute at Athens 23rd - 25th November 2012, edited by Walter Gauß, Gudrun Klebinder-Gauß, and Constance von Rüden, 165–82. Sonderschriften 54. Wien: Österreichisches Archäologisches Institut.




Mette Bangsborg Thuesen
Andrea Valsecchi Gillmeister

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Zeit & Ort

17.08.2023 | 17:30 s.t.