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Developing! Taskforce Saving Antiquities. Testing of game concept developed through transdisciplinary approach: multi-perspective evaluation

Developed in a transdisciplinary project with external funding, "Taskforce: Saving Antiquities" is a board game that offers a stimulating play experience and detailed insight into the background of protection of cultural assets and the role that the ancient studies disciplines play in safeguarding our cultural heritage. This project includes the critical evaluation of the existing game concept as the basis for further development. In concrete terms, evaluators will examine and optimise the development of cases and their reusability in the context of a multi-directional exchange with multiple interest groups. A series of collaborative game development events is planned to foster this exchange. The aim of the project "Developing! Taskforce Saving Antiquities" is to create linkages for cooperation between the worlds of culture/cultural protection and gaming, setting off creative processes and creating a space for new ideas to take shape. It is also intended to contribute towards greater awareness the topic’s relevance for society at large. The event series will focus on three topic areas not addressed in the cases developed thus far: "the protection of cultural assets and climate", "protection of cultural assets and war" and "protection of cultural assets and restitution". These three topic areas will provide the basis for the development of new cases, while also spotlighting the current relevance of the protection of cultural assets and the potential explosiveness associated with this issue. Over the course of the series, participants will develop the concepts for three new cases. In addition, input gathered from them will be used to draw up a guide for people who want to create their own cases. The idea is this guide can be used in teaching and training contexts as well as by private individuals.