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Doctoral programs of the Berlin Graduate School of Ancient Studies

The doctoral studies programs are interdisciplinary designed and pursue various thematic core areas. In addition to developing expertise in their chosen field, doctoral students acquire basic theoretical and methodological skills. One of the things that make BerGSAS unique is its capacity to accommodate virtually all specializations in ancient studies and supplement these with training in neighboring disciplines that also study topics relating to the ancient world. Imparting a praxis-oriented approach is another primary concern of our graduate school.

Ancient Languages and Texts (ALT)

The doctoral program ALT focuses on literary texts from ancient cultures as well as documentary texts like inscriptions and papyri. Philological as well as cultural and historical questions are at the center of interest.

Ancient Objects and Visual Studies (AOViS)

The focus of the doctoral program AOVis is on ancient artefacts with regard to the conservation, archiving, museological presentation and digital preparation. An additional focus is on "images" as a medium of communication in antiquity.

Ancient Philosophy and History of Ancient Science (APhil/HistAS)

The doctoral program APhil/HistAS is dedicated to ancient philosophy and the special sciences that developed in the ancient Mediterranean, their interrelationship, their historical context as well as their later impact in the Arabic speaking world and the modern era.

Landscape Archaeology and Architecture (LAA)

Central to the doctoral program LAA are the research fields: landscape archaeology and building history. The thematic focus deals with various methods, research strategies and techniques for the modelling and reconstruction of ancient structures and landscapes.

Languages and Cultures of the Silk Road (Silk Road)

Doctoral students in the Silk Road program study philological phenomena and questions from the fields of archaeology, religious studies and/or cultural studies of the geographical area that encompassed the ancient Silk Road. Fields participating in the program are Iranian Studies, Turkic Studies, Central Asian Studies, Central and East Asian Archaeology and East Asian Art History.