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Linda Ham M.A.

Ham, Linda

Ancient Philosophy and History of Ancient Science (APhil/HistAS)


Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Research Training Group
Philosophy, Science and the Sciences
Hannoversche Str. 6
10115 Berlin

Seit 2020
PhD candidate at Humboldt University Berlin

2018 – 2020
Master of Arts in Philosophy at University of Groningen

2015 – 2018
Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy of a Specific Discipline at University of Groningen

2014 – 2017
Bachelor of Arts in Classics at University of Groningen

Plato’s method of collection and division

The aim of my dissertation is to examine Plato’s method of collection and division. This method, used most famously in the Sophist and Statesman, is connected to both language and definition. I will focus on the usage of collection and division outside of these two main dialogues, discussing both the Platonic corpus and texts by other authors, both predecessors and Neoplatonists.