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Edition Topoi: An integrated digital publication platform

Together with the Edition Topoi, REM supervises the publication platform that produces a digital connection between published texts with research data in humanities. The Edition Topoi was developed in the context of the Excellence Cluster Topoi and will gradually be integrated into the permanent structures of BAK.

As an innovative digital research platform the Edition Topoi provides an infrastructure where research results as well as additional collections of data are published in a citable format since 2014. The Edition Topoi includes two series and a journal. Moreover, it presently holds a great number of digital repositories that offer a comprehensive collection of materials with the respective metadata.

The Edition Topoi seeks to accomplish a high standard with the publication of texts, research data and digital data: a peer-review process guarantees the quality of the publications, which are prepared following international standards and implementing the newest technologies by qualified collaborators. Furthermore, the permanent archiving of all publications is guaranteed by contracts with the university libraries.

The Edition Topoi promotes Open Access to academic knowledge. Through Open Access all publications can be viewed and downloaded for free all over the world.