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The Old World and the Digital Age: Repositories - Editions - Materials

Repositories – Editions – Materials

The division Repositories - Editions - Materials (REM) advances traditional resources of the humanities by implementing digital techniques. REM is responsible for the cataloguing, processing and publishing of research data of all disciplines of the study of antiquity. The latest technologies and internationally recognized standards are safeguarded by the constant maintenance of information.

Building upon initiatives of the Excellence Cluster Topoi, REM will develop an internal service and research platform in the area of the digital study of antiquity. The facility will thus become a motor for generating other national and international networks for the study of antiquity. REM fulfils the following tasks:

  • Systematic digital cataloguing of materials
  • Development of innovative methods for processing f data and their digital editing as well as the development of virtual research environments in the sense of digital humanities.
  • Connecting the IT-activities of Topoi with large networks of ancient studies in Berlin and Germany (i.e. IANUS) with the goal to establish common technical procedures.
  • Transmission of digital techniques and methods.

A central instrument for dealing with digital research data has already been established in Topoi with the Edition Topoi. Along with digital open access publications, this highly innovative platform enables the publication of academic work and digital research data in citable format offering long-term availability. REM will continue and further develop the already existing integral publication strategy for the study of antiquity after the completion of the Cluster.

In addition, the Berlin-based institutions are working on specific digitalization strategies for the different categories of material within REM. In some cases, the institutions that cooperate with BAK have a history that goes back to the 18th century and accordingly, there are large collections of object groups such as the worldwide unique collection of Greek and Roman architecture in the Antikensammlung (SMB, ca. 3800 objects) as well as its terracotta collection (ca. 6000 objects), the replicas of ancient inscriptions at the Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften (BBAW) or the photographic collections and excavation archives of the Deutsches Archäologisches Institut (DAI).

Such material groups and others need to be processed in order to be made available globally and in this way to enable new research questions. Starting points are current projects of Topoi as well as other interdisciplinary research initiatives for the safekeeping of data in Berlin. Initial pilot projects in REM deal with the cataloguing and analysis of ancient architectural fragments and the possibility of the photogrammetrical registration of archaeological objects.