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Annette Potgieter M.A., M.Div.


Alumna / Alumnus

WiSe 2013/2014
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Protestant Theology

PhD Project

My research focuses on the function of metaphor in language and thought. Paul's world was dominated by the Roman legions and auxiliary forces. Researchers like Adolf von Harnack and E. Krenz noted the role military imagery played in Paul's language. The point of departure is the observation that military metaphors are used to conceive and linguistically encode non-military contents. More specifically, my research will focus on hegemonic and military metaphors in Paul's letters, such as "to die with someone" (Rom 6:8), "the reign of" death or sin (Rom 6:9, 12, 14), "weapons of" injustice or of justification (Rom 6:13), to be "under sin/law" or "under favour" (grace – Rom 6:14), to be "in service of" impurity and iniquity or of righteousness (Rom 6:19-20), "the wages" of sin (Rom 6:23), "to wage war" or "to be held as prisoner of war" (Rom 7:23) or to be "liberated from" (Rom 6:18, 22; 7:24). The source domains of these metaphors have to be investigated carefully in order to clarify the intention of Paul's mapping it unto the situation of the pre- and post baptismal existence.

Curriculum Vitae

2013 M.A. Ancient Languages (Cum Laude); University of Pretoria
2013 Abe Getz Prize Best Student in Semitic Languages
2011 M.Div (Cum Laude) University of Pretoria
2011 Visiting Scholar at KU Leuven June-July
2010 Vice-Chancellor and Principal's Medal for excellent undergraduate Academic achievement.
2010 Received the prestigious Anton Rupert Bursary for excellent Undergraduate Academic achievement.
2010 BA Hons (Ancient Languages) (Cum Laude) University of Pretoria
2010 B. Th (Cum Laude) Universtiy of Pretoria
2009 Won Hellenic Community best student prize


2013 Potgieter, A.: "Walking wisely: Sapiential influence in Psalm 26", in: HTS Teologiese Studies/Theological Studies 69(1), Art. #1378, 5 pages.