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Fellow Ivleva, Dr. Tatiana Alexandrovna


The project explores the representation of hand gestures on funerary monuments erected in western Roman provinces in the period from the first to the third centuries AD. It analyzes and decodes the symbolic and interactive nature of this nonverbal form of human behavior, and evaluates the gestures’ agency in order to glimpse upon the transfer of gesture knowledge through the space of the Roman Empire. The appropriation and network of visual symbolism within the variety of cultural systems existing within the multiethnic Roman provinces is approached from the micro and macro level. On the micro scale the project aims to make a taxonomy of the types of gestures used on tombstones erected in western Roman provinces with the description of the range of their use. The macro level of study encompasses the comparative analysis of visual representation of gestures in western provinces with those used in Rome and Italy.

Curriculum Vitae

2012 PhD, Title: "Britons abroad: the mobility of Britons and the circulation of British-made objects in the Roman Empire", Faculty of Archaeology in Leiden, the Netherlands.
2006 MA, Faculty of Archaeology in Leiden, the Netherlands

History BA (with Honours) from Russian State University of Humanities in Moscow, Russia


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