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stipendiatin Korobili

Georgia-Maria Korobili M.A.


Alumna / Alumnus

WiSe 2014/2015
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

PhD Project

Centering on Life. Aristotle's On Youth and Old Age, on Life and Death, on Respiration, chapters 1-6. Translation, Commentary and Interpretive Essays

The study of the Parva Naturalia has attracted considerable scholarly interest in recent years and their importance as witnesses to Aristotle's thought on central aspects of his psychology and physiology is now widely recognised. However, the section gathered under the titles On Youth and Old Age, on Life and Death, on Respiration is still neglected in scholarship. The dissertation offers a full commentary on this section with a view to answering some crucial questions with regard to the content, the structure, as well as the basic concepts and ideas governing the text.

Curriculum Vitae

2014 – present PhD student, Philosophy, Science and the Sciences research training group
2011 – 2014 M.A. student, University of Ioannina (Greece)
2003 – 2008 B.A. student, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Greece)


2013 "Indirect Speech in Ancient Greek Language", in: Ancient Greek Language, Ioannina University Press, Ioannina, 179-199.
  "Gerundium and Gerundivum in Latin Language", in: Latin Language, Ioannina University Press.