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Programm LAA

Landscape Archaeology and Architecture (LAA)


In the doctoral program Landscape Archaeology and Architecture, the foreground is occupied not by the archeology of particular spaces but by a wide spectrum of landscape architectural and building history methods and research strategies. The program imparts skills in the areas of data handling and analysis – from concrete geoscientific field methodologies to evaluation with the aid of geographical information systems and other modeling methods, from digital sharding to the measurement and reconstruction methods of building research. Consequently, the doctoral program focuses on fundamental techniques with which the dynamics of landscapes and the complexity of architecture can be reconstructed independently of the culture by which they were settled or built. One partner of the universities is the Deutsche Archäologische Institut whose unique practical knowledge of architecture and building history throughout the world contributes to the education of doctoral candidates.

Academic rules and regulations

Academic rules and regulations for the doctoral program LAA have been published in the official journal no. 54/2011 of the Freie Universität Berlin – in new version in journal no. 26/2013 – and in the official journal no. 61/2011 of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin – in new version in journal no. 29/2013.

Members of the managing committee

Prof. Dr. Elke Kaiser (FUB) (chairwoman)
Prof. Dr. Stephan G. Schmid (HU)
Dr. Jan Krause (FUB) (academic assistant and coordinator)
Vincent Haburaj M.Sc. (student representative)
Ulla Jaekel M.A. (dep. student representative)