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Prof. Dr. Gerd Graßhoff

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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Philosophischen Fakultät I
Institut für Philosophie
Unter den Linden 6
10099 Berlin

Gerd Graßhoff’s research fields cover the history of ancient science from Babylonian astronomy to Modern Times, methods of scientific discovery and philosophical models of causal reasoning, with a new focus on the application of computational methods in the History and Philosophy of Science.

Fields of Research

History of ancient science, Babylonian science and astronomy, Kepler, innovation studies, philosophy of science, distributed knowledge, empirical methods of philosophy of science, Computational methods in history and philosophy of science, causal reasoning, history of scientific artefacts



G. Graßhoff, "Ptolemy and Empirical Data", in: S. Neef/H. Sussmann/D. Boschung (Eds.), Astroculture, Figurations and Cosmology in Media and Arts (München 2014) 32–44.


G. Graßhoff/C. Berndt, "Decoding the Pantheon Columns", in: Architectural Histories 2/1 (2014) 1–14.

2006 – 2009

G. Graßhoff/A. Stückelberger (Eds.), Klaudios Ptolemaios: Handbuch der Geographie. Einleitung, Text, Übersetzung, Index, 3 Vols. (Basel 2006–2009).


G. Graßhoff/M. May, "Causal Regularities", in: W. Spohn/M. Ledwig/M. Esfeld (Eds.), Current Issues in Causation (Münster 2001) 85–114.


G. Graßhoff, The History of Ptolemy's Star Catalogue (New York 1990).