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Dr. Frédéric Mège


01 Nov 2017 ‐ 31 Dec 2017

Centre Camille Jullian (CNRS - Aix Marseille Université)
Unité Maison Méditerranéenne des Sciences de l'Homme
5 rue du Château de l'Horloge
13094 Aix-en-Provence Cedex

Frédéric Mège has been collaborator of the French mission in Megara Hyblaia since 2008. He has been in charge of the study of the Hellenistic housing and urbanism. He is currently focusing on the construction techniques and materials during all the periods.


Stone was a preeminent matter in ancient cities, like Megara Hyblaia, a Greek colony of Sicily, which had a very long architectural history. Yet, the nature of construction stones and their provenience remain largely unknown in this city, whereas its case is particularly relevant for long-term studies on construction techniques. To solve this problem, I set up an interdisciplinary project: in collaboration with geologists from the University of Catania, I am investigating geological questions from different perspectives. With the help of BAK scholars, I expect to address archaeological questions on the ways Megara Hyblaia’s inhabitants exploited the territory and its geological resources.

Fields of Research

Household archaeology, Town planning, Building techniques, Hellenistic Sicily, Greek colonization in western Mediterranean