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Fellow_Anas al Khabour

Dr. Anas al Khabour


01 Sep 2017 ‐ 15 Nov 2017

University of Gothenburg
Department of Historical Studies
Resnströmsgatan 6
Po BOX 200, SE 405 30 Gothenburg, Sweden

He is an archaeologist, currently he works for the University of Gothenburg, his duties include teaching and research cultural heritage studies and archaeology.


The project deals with visualization of the damage and looting to the Cultural Heritage since the ongoing war in Syria, damage caused by all participants in the conflict and in all the territory occupied by IS.

The cultural heritage in northern Syria and Iraq has been targeted during the ongoing civil war since 2011. Several global initiatives have been taken in order to safeguard the cultural heritage in northern Mesopotamia. Due to the risks presently involved in gaining access to these sites on the ground, and the discrepancy of the data provided by the international scientific community, there is essential information missing and fragmented view of the present circumstances. This project will survey the damaged heritage and set up a database including finds from museums, archaeological sites, archives and historical monuments, in order to protect sites and raise awareness of their critical situation, as well as save the identity and memory of the people.

Fields of Research

Cultural Heritage Studies, Middle East Archaeology