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Jennifer Quigley M.Div.


My research is a historical and linguistic investigation into the ways in which divine beings are understood as economic actors in the Greco-Roman world, and my dissertation takes up the topic of divine-human financial rhetoric in Paul’s letter to the Philippians and some of its late antique interpreters. I ask: how did early Christ-followers use varied financial language to articulate and imagine their relationship to the divine, and how does this language compare to the broader social-religious contexts of the ancient Mediterranean? Looking at lease agreements, sale contracts, and other legal and financial materials, I demonstrate that in antiquity, people took seriously the possibility of entering financial relationships with the gods. I argue that gods and goddesses could own goods, hold accounts, and produce wealth through the mediation of complex, non-standardized systems of religious and civic officials, and the divine was an active participant in the economic sphere. I conclude that the theo-economic discourses which pervade antiquity require rethinking the ways we consider financial language in New Testament and early Christian texts.

Curriculum Vitae


expected May 2017

Th.D. – New Testament and Early Christianity, Harvard Divinity School

Dissertation: "Divine Accounting: Theo-Economics in the Letter to the Philippians"


S.T.M. – Biblical and Historical Studies, Boston University School of Theology

2011 M.Div. magna cum laude – Theological Studies, Boston University School of Theology

B.A. summa cum laude – Literature and Theology, Boston University

Thesis: "Narrative Space in the Gospel of John"

Teaching and advising eperience

2013 – 2016

Teaching Fellow, Harvard Divinity School

Archaeology and the World of the New Testament Travel Seminar (Laura Nasrallah)

Introduction to Ministry Studies (Dudley Rose and Matthew Potts)

Martyrdom: Bodies, Death, and Life in Ancient Christianity (Karen King)

New Testament Seminar for Doctoral Dissertations (Giovanni Bazzana)

Seminar for Advanced New Testament Students (Giovanni Bazzana)


Teaching Fellow, Harvard University, Harvard College Program in General Education,

Culture and Belief: The Hebrew Bible (Shaye Cohen)

Culture and Belief: From the Hebrew Bible to Judaism, From the Old Testament to Christianity (Shaye Cohen)

2015 – 2016

Harvard University, Committee on the Study of Religion

Undergraduate Senior Thesis Advisor (faculty advisor: Laura Nasrallah)

Harvard University, HarvardX (massive open online courses)

Course Consultant

World Religions Through Their Scriptures: Christianity (Karen King)

2013 – 2014

Head Teaching Fellow

Early Christianity: The Letters of Paul (Laura Nasrallah)



J. Quigley,  L. S. Nasrallah, "Cost and Abundance in Roman Philippi: The Letter to the Philippians in its Context", in: S. J. Friesen, D. N. Schowalter, M. Lychounas (Eds.), Philippi, From colonia augusta to communitas christiana: Religion and Society in Transition. Leiden (2017).


"Review of 'The People beside Paul: The Philippian Assembly and History from Below'", in: J. A. Marchal (Ed.), Ancient Jew Review (2017).


J. Quigley, L. S. Nasrallah, Z. Davis, "Course Report: Early Christianity: The Letters of Paul, Launched January – February 2014", in: HarvardX White Paper. March 20.