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Paolo Maranzana


12 May 2017 ‐ 18 Apr 2017

Kelsey Museum of Archaeology
434 South State Street
Ann Arbor 48109, Michigan USA


My work considers the final developments and decline of Roman cities in Central Anatolia. Since cities were dependent on their countryside, I examine both elements comprehensively. This region, which is dramatically understudied, produced a great deal of new evidence and it represents a unique case study to examine the end of Antiquity. I therefore compared the original data collected in the excavation at Pessinus (where I worked under the supervision of Prof. Tsetskhladze) with other neighboring cities (Ankara and Amorium) and evidence for the region. My conclusions show that, after a period of generalized economic and demographic growth (4-7 c. CE), the region undergoes a period of decline which leads to the disappearance of most cities (Pessinus) in favor of the few thematic capitals (Ankara and Amorium) and Christian rural sites (Germia).

Curriculum Vitae

2011 – present           

Interdepartmental Program in Classical Art and Archaeology, PhD-Candidate, University of Michigan

2010 M.A. in Classical Art and Archaeology, King’s College University of London
2008 B.A. in Cultural heritage management with focus on Classical Archaeology
Current Fieldwork  

Independent Research on the production and circulation of Late Roman Pottery in Central Anatolia (with Dr. Cristina Mondin, University of Padua, Italy)

  • General survey in Central Anatolia (Turkey, Kaman). Project Director: Prof. Sachihiro Omura (Japanese Institute of Anatolian Archaeology at Kaman, Turkey).
  • Komana Archaeological Survey Project (Tokat, Turkey). Project Director: Prof. Burcu Erciyas (Middle Eastern Technical University, Ankara, Turkey).
  • Isparta Archaeological Survey Project (Isparta, Turkey). Project Director: Prof. Bilge Hürmüzlü (Süleyman Demirel University, Isparta, Turkey).
2016 – 2017

Area Supervisor: Sinop Kale Excavations (Turkey).

  • Project Director: Prof. Owen Doonan (California State University Northridge, USA).