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Fellow, Guidetti, Dr. Fabio

Dr. Fabio Guidetti


Fellow Einstein Center Chronoi 2018

I obtained my Ph.D. in Art History in 2011 from the Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa. My post-doctoral career was based first in Pisa, then in London (Warburg Institute) and Berlin (TOPOI Excellence Cluster). My research interests focus on the cultural and intellectual history of the Roman empire and late antiquity, especially in the fields of the history of art, history of religion, history of science


The focus of this research project is a fragmentary bronze plate decorated with images of constellations, preserved in the Archaeological Museum in Salzburg. Given its consistency with Vitruvius’ description of the so-called ‘anaphoric clock’, the object can be identified as part of a Roman water clock. Since its publication in 1903, neither the astronomical images nor the clock itself found very much attention among scholars, being merely cited as comparison or mentioned in general studies about ancient time reckoning. In the context of the project, a 3D Scan and a new set of high-resolution images will be taken: these will be the basis for a detailed exam of the fragment, whose significance for the history of ancient science and technology cannot be overestimated. The outcome of the project will be a better understanding of both this object and the clock described by Vitruvius, as well as the contextualisation of this type of clock in the history of the development of time reckoning.

Curriculum Vitae


Visiting Fellow, Einstein Center Chronoi, Berlin

2016 – 2017

Post-doctoral Fellow TOPOI Excellence Cluster, Berlin (Area A1)


"Frances A. Yates", Fellow Warburg Institute, London

2013 – 2014

Research Assistant, Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa

2012 – 2013

Fellow "Giorgio Pasquali" Foundation, Pisa


Ph.D. in Art History, Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa



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F. Guidetti, "L' apparato inconografico del codice Vat. gr. 1087. Per la ricostruzione dell'edizione tardoantica del corpus arateo", in: F. Guidetti/ A. Santoni (eds.), Antiche stelle a Bisanzio. Il codice Vat. gr. 1087 (Pisa 2013) 113-152.