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Barbora Weissova

Barbora Weissova M.A.


Alumna / Alumnus

WiSe 2013/2014
Freie Universität Berlin
Classical Archaeology

PhD Project

The thesis aims for comparative GIS-based study analyzing the economic systems of Bithynia and Thrace. Complementation and foregrounding of the archaeological map of the regions will be further supplemented by spatio – temporal analysis of settlement patterns. As a contribution to the Iznik Project, the survey data from this micro-region will be included and further analyzed.

This dissertation project is being conducted within the research group A-6 Economic space of the Excellence Cluster 264 Topoi.

Curriculum Vitae


Since 2013 PhD. studies of Classical Archaeology at Freie Universität in Berlin,
Stipendium BerGSAS LAA
2012/2013 Research fellowship at the University College of London
2009 Started PhD. Studies of Classical Archaeology at the Charles University in Prague, thesis: "Analysis of Spatial Relations of Thracian Burial Mounds to Flat Settlements"
2007 – 2009 Master studies of Classical Archaeology at the Charles University in Prague, thesis: "Antique Versus Classical" in the 20's of the 20th Century in Czechoslovakia"


Professional Development

Since 2006 Stable member of the archaeological team of Charles University, excavating yearly in Pistiros
2010 Accepted as an official member of TRAP (Tundzha Regional Archaeological Project),  
2010 Establishment of the BUM Project (Burial Mounds in Thrace Project) focused on spatial analysis of burial mounds in Thrace



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